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The Front Row

The Front Row is the name given to our Hamline MFAC cohort. When we arrived in GLC 100 on the first day of our first residency, we actually sat in the back row. We were asked to move closer, so we all sat in the front row and we haven’t moved since. Sitting in the front row is awesome, because you can hear the presenters even when they aren’t at the microphone. Plus, we’re all kind of studious nerdy nerds, so the front row suits us well.

  • Sarah Ahiers Writes – Sarah has a book coming out February 2016 called Assassin’s Heart. I’ve heard parts of it read, and it is going to be amazing. Not only is Sarah a great writer, but she’s a genuinely awesome and hilarious person.
  • Writing Young Adult Fiction – Anna Palmquist is a writer and an artist, and she displays remarkable business acumen. She’s going to be the one to make the rest of us famous.
  • Kate St. Vincent Vogl – Kate is an accomplished writer, teacher, and editor. She’s also a super nice person. Her book is called Lost & Found: A Memoir of Mothers.
  • Zachary Wilson – Zack is always my roommate at summer residencies. He’s a great writer and fast friend.
  • Jennifer Coats – Jennifer is a machine who churns out books. We made her get a blog.
  • Jessica Mattson – Jessica is an award winning writer and hilarious person. We also made her get a blog.

Other Hamliners

  • Miriam Busch – Miriam was my “buddy” at my first residency. She’s awesome. Right now, my 5-year old is a huge fan of her picture book, Lion, Lion.
  • Larry Day – Larry is Miriam’s husband, and he has illustrated many children’s books, including Lion, Lion.
  • Justina Ireland – Justina is a great writer and all-around fun person. Her latest books is called Promise of Shadows.
  • Peter Pearson – Peter’s forthcoming picture book, How to Eat an Airplane, is hilarious. It’s coming out next summer, but I’ve already heard the story thanks to my sweet Hamline connections. Jealous much?
  • Araceli Esparza – Araceli is a poet doing great work with diversity training.
  • V. Arrow – has a broad range of interests and can write just about anything.
  • JJ Austrian – JJ made everyone in the program feel at home immediately. His picture book Worm Loves Worm has received a great deal of praise, so you should buy it.
  • Tina Hoggatt – Tina is a talented writer and artist, and an all-around delightful person. Check out her Story Chairs installation on her website. It’s very cool.
  • OJ Hanratty – OJ is talented and hilarious and he posts just about every day. Check him out.

Hamline Faculty

  • Kelly Easton – Kelly was my first advisor, and she taught me the importance of economy. She gave me the task of cutting 80 pages down to 20, and I did it! The result was much better.
  • Jackie Briggs-Martin – Jackie was my second advisor, and she had me experiment with several forms, including nonfiction.
  • Marsha Chall – I worked on my critical thesis with Marsha, and some transitional chapter books that will be part of my creative thesis (and hopefully published one day.)
  • Mary Rockcastle – Mary is the dean of the Hamline MFAC program and her leadership has been recognized by award-granting bodies. If you’re thinking about doing an MFA in writing for children, and you end up talking to her, then you will end up going to Hamline.
  • M.C. Atwood – Megan provided an intensive workshop about the critical thesis that was supremely helpful. I enjoyed it because she is hilarious. No joke.
  • Anne Ursu – Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And so much fun. She’s very active on Twitter, and her Tumblr page gets updated a bit more often than her author page.
  • Laura Ruby – I love going to faculty readings at residency, and Laura is my favorite reader. Like Anne, her blog page is updated more often.
  • Swati Avasthi – Swati’s books are great. Her revision workshop really changed my outlook on one of my pieces, and all of the clutter fell away.
  • Gene Yang – His work is great and he’s super nice and funny.
  • Ron Koertge – The resident poet with great YA novels in verse.
  • Emily Jenkins – She’s extremely prolific and smart. She gave a great lecture on embracing style this past residency.
  • Claire Rudolf Murphy – Claire is the first faculty member I talked to when I was thinking about coming to Hamline. She is generous and kind, and just a whole lot of fun.
  • Marsha Qualey – Marsha is a great writer and teacher.
  • The Full Faculty List – which will probably be updated more often than I can do.

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Josh Hammond writes things. He has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University.

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