Worm Loves Worm, by J.J. Austrian and Mike Curato

Worm Loves Worm, by JJ Austrian. Illustrated by Mike Curato

Worm Loves Worm, by JJ Austrian. Illustrated by Mike Curato

Worm Loves Worm is a charming picture book about two worms in love. Since they love each other, then logic dictates they should be married. And so the story begins. Worm and Worm love each other, and simply want to get married, but weddings are never a simple affair. Insects chime in with their ideas about what is needed for the wedding. Worm and Worm roll with the ideas and adapt the traditions to fit their needs. When Cricket complains that they aren’t following the traditions in the manner in which they’ve always been done, they simply agree to change the way it’s done.

After all, the most important thing, more important than rings, gowns, and tuxedos, is that Worm loves Worm.

The book succeeds because it isn’t didactic. The concept is simple: love is love. The text and illustrations are light and fun, as weddings are joyous occasions.

My children enjoy the book a lot, and often request it as their bedtime story.

Signed copy. I'm kind of a big deal.

Signed copy. I’m kind of a big deal.

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